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Moose Jaw Pipes & Sewers are in the News Again

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Early Warning Signs of a Sewer Backup

This is the vehicle that allows us to do affordable sewer cleanings in Moose Jaw
Sewer Backed Up in Moose Jaw? Call The Drain Surgeon

Sewer backups can be caused by many things (grease buildup, soap scum, tree roots, broken drain pipes, hygiene products) and it's not always easy to stay ahead of the problem. We know that our customers here in Moose Jaw have busy lives; they work, they've got kids with sports and homework, they've got friends and hobbies and family responsibilities and hundreds of other reasons why they aren't having focused discussions on the state of their underground plumbing.

Thankfully there are a few simple things you can watch out for that can go a long way in preventing a costly, flooded basement.

Water Around the Floor Drains

Prior to a sewer cleaning in Moose Jaw
A floor drain after a sewer cleanout

Standing water around your floor drains is a problem you may want to get fixed immediately as it can lead to damaged walls and floors and personal property you keep in the basement. It can also lead to mold growth; which causes plenty of health issues.

You can easily do routine checks of floor drains by simply going to the lowest point of your basement, locating the drain and checking to make sure there is no standing water in sight. It also wouldn't hurt to remove the cover and shine a flashlight inside to make sure you don't see any blockages at the surface.

If you find standing water or believe your drain to be blocked there are a few things you can do yourself that might resolve the problem before hiring a sewer service professional to come to your home. I'd be glad to assist you with that. Contact The Drain Surgeon at 306 313-4555 for any questions.

Toilets Gurgling

We unclog sewers from top to bottom
Bubbling toilets usually means you've got a blocked drain

Bubbling toilets can certainly indicate larger problems, so if you notice your toilet doesn't sound the same or that it flushes differently you might not want to let that slide.

The reason your toilet is gurgling is most likely because you've got a blocked pipe. The noises come from negative air pressure in the line. Air needs to flow smoothly and those sounds are evidence that it isn't. Thankfully, you've got an affordable professional who can handle any blocked drain and he's just a phone call away.

Bathtub is Running Slow

Slow running bathtubs are typically caused by clogs that are preventing water from moving freely within your pipes. They can be caused by hair, soap and grease amongst other things and can often be removed with a chemical drain cleaner like Drano. But if you've attempted a drain cleaner and the problem comes back again you may need a professional cleaner using Jetter technology to come in and clean your sewer line out from top to bottom.

Nick McClung is The Drain Surgeon
The Drain Surgeon: Moose Jaw's Most Affordable Sewer Service

Household remedies and DIY solutions can be very helpful in the battle against sewer backups; they certainly work in a pinch but they aren't always long-term solutions. If you are experiencing any of the aforementioned problems please don't hesitate to call The Drain Surgeon at 306 313-4555 and I can guide you through your options and make sure you don't end up with a flooded basement.

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