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Moose Jaw Pipes & Sewers are in the News Again

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Moose Jaw Pipes & Sewers are in the News Again

Parked in the avenues. Just another routine sewer cleaning in Moose Jaw.
A Sewer Cleaning in the Avenues

Hey everybody,

It's The Drain Surgeon here. Where it's always better with a Jetter. I recently read an article in Moose Jaw Today; it was titled "Regarding Insurance: Ask The Experts". In it the Owner of Heritage Insurance, Greg Marcyniuk, explains lots about the ins and outs of insurance. He explains what to do to get ready for the summer; things that you should and shouldn't do. But what I really want to focus on is what he said about the sewers in Moose Jaw, specifically in the avenues.

A clogged sewer in Moose Jaw led to completely removing the pipe and installing a new one.
Cast-iron pipe extracted from a dig in the avenues

The story reads: "It's not uncommon for pipes and plumbing to be in the spotlight on Moose Jaw" and, of course that's true because streets are always blocked and you're always having to pick a detour and Greg is concerned that this trend will continue. I agree. Until all the Sewers are inspected and replaced you're going to continue to have problems.

Greg is quoted as saying: "we are always concerned with sewer-line problems in the avenues" and he recommends that everyone get their Sewers inspected.

That's where I come in.

Every time you get your sewer cleaned make sure the company is using a camera to inspect their work. I don't know how many houses I've been to already where I went to clean the sewer and was told it had already been done in the last month or two and when I send my camera down there it is plugged full of tree roots.

This was taken during a sewer inspection in Moose Jaw
A haunted Forest of Tree Roots

Another reason you also want to get your sewer inspected is because a camera can tell you if the line is collapsing, what kind of material your pipes are; if you have clay or cast-iron or "no corrode" pipe. If your house was built in the 60's or late 70's you could have "no corrode" pipe and if you do, you definitely want to get that fixed because it's squashing at all times and you really want to take care of that.

This customer thought they had a blocked drain in Moose Jaw. Our camera inspection found something worse. The sewer line had collapsed completely.
A sewer inspection that yielded a collapsed sewer line

As always, your best defense against an unforeseen sewer back-up is to call me ahead of time. I'll get in there, camera it and inspect it and get it cleaned out. We can put you on an annual maintenance routine so you always have peace-of-mind knowing your sewer is going to be clean.



The Drain Surgeon.

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