We're your go-to team of drain experts.

We're experts in clearing plugged sewer systems, and have been for over 18 years. From tree roots, to grease deposits and dips in the line, we can handle everything; and we do it with the latest technology.


With eighteen years of plumbing and drain cleaning experience, Nicholas McClung has seen the technology used to clear drains change in the industry. Starting with a drum style cable machine, which was a time-consuming process, he soon saw the advent of the Sewer Jetter. Mounted on a truck, this device clears drains in seconds, and with better quality.

To top it off, the Drain Surgeon uses a rigid sewer camera to ensure that you have the cleanest sewer pipe possible. With the camera, he can pin-point where the issue is, and solve it. Furthermore, they can also replace sewer lines and septic tanks.

The Drain Surgeon is able to to handle residential, commercial, industrial, or agricultural buildings, and can clean lines ranging from 3 inches up to 36 inches wide.


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