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It’s Always Better With a Jetter 

We are the experts in clearing plugged sewer systems and blocked drains in Moose Jaw and the surrounding area. From tree roots, to grease deposits and dips in the line, we can handle everything; and we do it with the leading sewer cleaning technology.

Clogged Sewer: Before & After



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The technology in this industry has grown quite a bit since I first started in it. The first machine I used was a drum style cable machine. It was time-consuming but it got the job done. Those machines are still in use today but they do not do a comparable job to a Sewer Jetter like the one The Drain Surgeon uses. 

I have the ability operate with surgical precision and accuracy; pinpointing the exact areas causing problems and removing them. That’s why I’m The Drain Surgeon.

I can ensure that all tree roots will be eliminated from the pipes I operate on. If it’s a dip in your line, soap scum or grease build up, my Jetter will clean that out in seconds. 

We use a Ridgid Sewer Camera to ensure you have the cleanest sewer possible. With the camera I can quickly locate problems and get straight to work solving them. 

At The Drain Surgeon we can also replace sewer lines and septic tanks. No business is too big or too small. Let it be industrial, commercial, agricultural or even apartment buildings, plazas and malls. This method can clean lines from 3” to 36” inches in diameter and over 700 ft in length.
If you’ve got pipes in need of some care, The Drain Surgeon is just a call away. 

Sewer Inspection


The Drain Surgeon uses a Ridgid Camera to film the inside of your sewer line all the way to the City Main. 

Customers may keep the film for their own peace of mind.

Sewer Cleaning

Residential $150/hr

Acreage $200/hr

Frozen Waterlines $200/hr

Frozen Culverts $200/hr


Before we clean your sewer line we inspect it with a camera, creating a "before" video. 

Then we clean it, from end-to-end, using Jetter technology. Highlighting and focusing on troublesome sections.

When we have finished we record an "after" video to prove that the pipe is cleaned to the customer's satisfaction.

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"Nick was great! I called him and he was way down south and he came to the house as soon as he returned to town at 7 pm he was quick and efficient and explained everything very well. I would recommend him 10 times over!! Thank you Nick for being awesome!"

"We had our sewer back up and The Drain Surgeon came over right away and was able to use his camera to get rid of many, many tree roots and a blockage. He was very efficient and professional! We would recommend him to anyone! Thanks for making a stressful situation a little less stressful!"

Jade Waiting 

"A truly thorough job, from beginning to end. Our sewer lines have been giving us some major issues this year, called the Drain Surgeon and he leaped into action. The rates are VERY reasonable, and the job he does will remind you of a simpler time in life.

Thank you so much my good sir! Look forward to dealing with you in the not too near future!"

Adam Smith 

"Nick will show up when he says and has a thorough knowledge of plumbing and septic systems. He is honest about what he can and cant fix. Highly recommend"

RWC Carpentry

Cher Duckworth

8:00am - 5:00pm

Monday to Saturday.
Call me in case of an emergency.

(306) 313-4555


Nicholas McClung 


Nick has been clearing blocked drains and unclogging sewers in Moose Jaw for 13 years.  Before that he was doing the same work in Red Deer, Alberta 

When it comes to clogged pipes and backed-up sewers, there is no one more committed than Nick.

The Drain Surgeon and his truck overlooking Wakamow Valley after a sewer cleaning in Moose Jaw

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